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Re: brake pad question (VW-GTi)

This is definitely not normal. Your car probably pulls to one side: when driving forward let go of the steering wheel. The side it pulls to is probably the side with the siezed slider and/or caliper. (Unless the alignment is out.) The sliders could be siezed and/or the caliper. The driver's side caliper could be siezed and not coming on, or the passenger side caliper could be siezed and not releasing. The flex line/s could be collapsed causing the caliper to be stuck on all of the time. NEVER clamp a flex line since you will permanently damage the inside of the line. Either put on a rubber hose over the brake line and plug it with a bolt or push a tire valve through the banjo fitting. If you can't find a problem with the caliper/s and flex lines, you can't go wrong by changing both calipers and both flex lines. If you decide to change either the calipers or the flex lines, change them in pairs; both calipers or both flex lines to ensure even braking.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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