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Brake pad wear?

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I have a 02 VR6 GTI with 30,000 miles on it. While doing a visual inspection of my brake pads I noticed that my rear driver side brake pad is almost gone. The other three pads are thick as all hell. I wanted to know if I could bring my car into VW to have them adjust the caliper under warranty? Or is this easy enough for me to adjust. I know I have to pay for the pad but will VW adjust the calliper. All of the braking system is stock. Thank for any info ahead of time.
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Re: Brake pad wear? (Slvr6Dub)

I talked to my dealer today and they have me coming in to have the caliper most likely replaced. He said its most likely a bad caliper. He didnt say if it was covered under warranty but it should be.
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