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Brake question.

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Are the front brake components on a 91 GTI 8V interchangeable with a 91 GL 8V? I have a 91 GTI that I just bought (MY FIRST GTI! YAY!) that needs new brakes, and i have a parts car (my 91 Golf GL) which doesn't run, but had the brakes redone about a month ago before it died. Can I taje the rotors and crap off and change them out? Or did the GTI have bigger rotors?
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Re: Brake question. (mplsvwgolfMKII)

I can't believe no one knows about this one. That's hilarious.
Re: Brake question. (mplsvwgolfMKII)

They are the same.
Re: Brake question. (vwpat)

all the 9.4" front brakes are the same or compatible. vented rotors got thinner pads. same calipers.
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