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Re: Brake upgrade golf 1 (Crazy Hungarian)

The regular 8v Sciroccos MkIIs came with 20mm master cylinders.
Ottar, if you are not running 10" front brakes or rear rotors you will not need a 22mm MC. You don't need a part number to destinguish the two since they are stamped on the side 20 or 22.
Everything bolts right up, however the 20 and 22mm MC run proportioning valves for the rear brakes. Get the longer front brake lines for a better fit. I would use the matching vacuum booster if it is available. Also the peddle assembly on the 16vs are stronger than the A1 assmeblies. They also have a spring on the clutch for a little mechanical help to reduce peddle effort.
Good luck all,
Corrado Dad
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