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brakes went pop

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88 jetta gl. rear drum.
i was driving today and hit the brakes and the i heard a pop. next thing you know, my brakes are terrible, like to the floor terrible and my ebrake does not work at all. i am almost positive it has to do with the rear drums bc that is where i deff heard the noise from. never really had to do deal with drums before. any one have an idea of what it could be? thanks alot! http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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if your ebrake doesnt work it is def a problem with the rear drums
what would be all the parts i would nee dto order to replace EVERYTHING that has to do with the rear drum? excluding the valve.
all from germanautoparts. (2) rear drums, (2) wheel bearing kits, (2) spring kits, (2) brake shoe kits.
do the new drums come with springs and shoes already in them?
Re: (43%burnt)

drums, shoes, the kit with the springs and retainers and such, wheel cylinders. I believe thats all

and no the drums just come as a drum, you have to install the shoes to the backing plate with the kit u buy. If you have never done drum brakes before, take a picture of the assembly with the brake drum off, a nice close-up shot. ALSO do one side at a time, leave one side assembled while u redo the other side so you have a reference to look at http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif

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