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BRAND NEW Set of 4x GMP Italia Atom Alloy Wheels. These wheels are specifically designed for an Audi and therefore the offset, bore size and stud pattern are that of an Audi including the centre cap, but will for other vehicles too. These are shiny black with a polished outline of the face the wheels look amazing. The finish between these and cheap copies is massive.
These are RS6 wheels but not cheap copies which are selling for £500 without tyres, these wheels alone are over £200 each. These are genuine light weight Italian made quality wheels. Some reviews go as far as saying they are better than genuine. I also have the purchase receipt which I will pass to the new owner if needed.

I am selling these as brand new I fitted them to my car just to test where I drove a few miles then took them off but didn't get around to finishing the project I started so have been in the garage for a few months gathering dust.

I bought these form a reputable alloy wheel retailer, I didn't fit brand new tyres as the wheels were expensive so wanted to save on cost but the tyres are good as you can see in the pictures.

All the wheels have been balanced and ready to fit.

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