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Brand of oil stealerships use?

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I'm curious as to what the stealership put in my car. The sticker on the window says Coastal. I sure hope it wasn't Coastal. I didn't ask while I was there cuz I didn't think about it. Anyway, anyone know what brand they use? Synthetic or otherwise? TIA
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I can't speak for all dealers... but mine uses Castrol for their synthetic oil.. as far as normal oil I never asked.
But Mobile One synthetic is good stuff for street cars.

Modified by me love cars at 7:33 AM 7-4-2003
We use valvoline oil in our dealership.
And Mobil One synthetic
Re: (auditech10)

Well my dealer uses regular Castrol
Re: (Eraser)

Hmmmm, I thought VWoA made them all use the same thing.
So I'll need to ask, huh? K, thanks fellas.
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Re: (01 Wolfsburg)

the regular oil at the dealer can be whatever they want. For the TDIs they must use castrol syntec 5W40.
we use castrol at my dealer.
Re: (chris86vw)

Well shouldn't they use synthetic for 1.8Ts? That is whats recommended, right?
Re: (01 Wolfsburg)

As far as any literature I have seen no , synthetic is not what is "recommended". Its suggested that you use it, but thats not what VW says must be used. If you drive your 1.8T reguarlly, and change your oil every 5K on regular oil, then you will have no problems with dino oil. However if you push that regular oil to even say 7-8K miles on a hard driven car you are looking at major problems very quikly. Pre 02 when VW used to include oil changes only the TDIs got synthetic coverd by VW.
I have a quesion along these lines. I change my own oil, and use Mobile One Synthetic. with synthetic I thought it was supposed to handle heat better and last longer, so I change it every 10K. My dealer, even knowing I am doing it myself, recommends every 5K for synthetic. Anyone know if I am killing my car by changing it every 10k?
Re: (me love cars)

I wouldn't wait that long, but you aren't "killing" your car. I change mine every 5K. You could go like 7-8K but I wouldn't push it. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: (me love cars)

10K is way to long on these cars even wtih synthic, it might be fine, but seeing cars everyday with oil that has gone too long I would say don't go a mile over 5K on any type of oil.
Right now I have 5K on the filter and oil... the oil looks all clean... It doesn't look dirty at all, at 10K it just starts to discolor on my car... the first 5k changed it.. but now it isn't discoloring until around 10k.
THat is why I am asking. I'm just not sure.
Re: (me love cars)

I would be safe about it bro. Oil changes are cheap insurance. I'd change it every 5K.
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