America is a land of many great things: lakes, blue herons, Wolf Lodges, etc. But one area where we have soundly been outdone is in naming conventions for trim packages that add only the appearance of performance.

Brazil is a place that knows its VWs. Since the early days of Volkswagen, Brazil has been a hotbed of production and modification, a hot land full of flavor and spice so it should come as no surprise that instead of naming their slightly-cooler-looking cars “R-Line,” they call them “Pepper.”

Yes, that’s right, if you want your Fox to look a little hotter, you reach for the Pepper. And now there are even more cars to spice up.

Both the Saveiro Pepper and the Up! Pepper have been added to the lineup, so Brazilians can have their tiny city cars and their Utes looking a little more GTI-like.

And I don’t mean that VW do Brasil calls their cars the Portuguese for pepper (pimenta), they literally call it “Pepper.”

In the Up!’s (boy is that a frustrating name to possessify) case it comes with a gloss black roof, side skirts, a rear spoiler, 15-inch rims, and red trim on the grille (like the GTI’s). White, silver, red, or black mirror caps are also available.

The Saveiro, meanwhile, looks much the same, but with the addition of black wheel arches.

And while I hear you saying that R-Line sounds cooler than Pepper, remember that as a journalist my requirements are different than yours. I mostly think about puns, and adding a little Pepper sounds much better than adding a little R-Line, which sounds like it might be illegal, but I’m no lawyer.

We can only hope that Porsche follows Volkswagen do Brasil's lead and starts adding the name to its SUVs.

[source: Carscoops ]