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Bridgestone 910 and 950 (ERIC!!??!?)

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Having a hard time choosing between RE910 and RE950. I read the reviews at Tire Rack, and don't understand the differences too well, RE910 might be pretty good for me. Is there any difference in their ride comfort? RE950 might be awesome. I don't know. Price is very close. I value your wisdom here, bud! (and anyone else's) http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: Bridgestone 910 and 950 (weissguy)

Ok if you've got a commuter car, say an '82 Rabbit diesel with 13", maybe you don't need an H speed rated tire. But, as a general rule, IMO, all German cars are going to provide their driver a more satisfying, responsive handling car with H speed rated tires.
910 T speed rated entry level performance tire for the not real aggresive driver wanting tread life and debatably better handling than a touring tire.
950s are H speed rated much better handling than the 910 or an h rated touring tire such as the Michelin MXV4 or Conti CH95.
Re: Bridgestone 910 and 950 ([email protected])

I have the RE950s on my car and I love them. If you live where it snows, they're probably the tire for you.
Re: Bridgestone 910 and 950 (collins_tc)

Just got the re950s on my 14 inch wheels, jst had their first run in the rain today, and i am very impressed with them all around. Go for the 950's.
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