CORRECTION: Cary Atkins was never employed by Samuel Laurence Ltd, as a previous version of this article asserted. That version also erroneously quoted Atkins saying he was over the "legal limit." In fact he only said limit, in reference to the specified limit. There is no legal amount of cocaine in the UK. We would like to apologize for the mistakes.

March 5 was a very bad day for Cary Atkins who crashed his boss’s Lamborghini Murcialago into a road barrier shortly before it caught fire. Today in court the Daily Mail reports that Atkins admitted to driving while over the specified limit for a controlled substance and has been banned from driving for two years, ordered to do 12 hours community work, and fined.

Atkins said that the incident happened the morning after a particularly hard night’s partying. “I was under the assumption that I was under the limit,” he said in court.

Despite that, he hit the accelerator too hard and slammed the back of the purple, limited edition Murcialago into a road barrier. The most amazing part of the story is that it seems that didn’t stop Atkins, who only pulled the car over to the side of the road after noticing that it was on fire.