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Broke ANOTHER AC Compressor....

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This is really starting to tick me off. I bought a used AC compressor a while ago and finally got around to putting it in. I bought a R134 retrofit kit, followed the instructions and as soon as I started putting in the gas, the seal around the pulley let go shooting R134a and the conversion oil all over the place.
What the hell am I doing wrong?
I'll describe exactly what I did.
1. Put r134a conversion fittings on (yes I had the correct low and high pressure lines)
2. Put conversion oil in
3. Put 1st can of 134a in, compressor kicked on and... Pshhhhh!!!!! Gas and oil all over the place...
I can't afford to keep replacing these damn things...
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Re: Broke ANOTHER AC Compressor.... (kkozma)

Not sure if you are interested but I have a brand new g60 ac compressor...if you are interested shoot me an email...either way good luck

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Re: Broke ANOTHER AC Compressor.... (radoboy)

Well, yeah.. I guess I'm interested, but I don't want to break another one. This one makes three...
What am I doing wrong! GRRR!!!
I guess I could install it and take it to a professional to have it charged, but I hate paying someone to do something I can do myself...
Re: Broke ANOTHER AC Compressor.... (kkozma)

At which point are you using an evacuator to suck out the oil stuff/old air/freon and check for vacuum leaks?
Re: Broke ANOTHER AC Compressor.... (mrkrad)

Well, I assumed that the compressor I had was empty... I guess thats a bad assumption?
Re: Broke ANOTHER AC Compressor.... (kkozma)

Yeah empty means full of air. You CANNOT have any AIR in the system, compressor, tubing, etc. It must be evacuated with a vacuum pump specifically designed. It sucks out all the previous oils, junk, freon, air. You let it run and check for leaks by holding the vacuum (with pump off) for like 30 minutes. It the vacuum doesn't remain static , then you have a leak..
Air in the A/C system = bad stuff.
Re: Broke ANOTHER AC Compressor.... (mrkrad)

Welp... That explains it... GRRR!!!
How much for that compressor?
Re: Broke ANOTHER AC Compressor.... (kkozma)

I was able to use a Vacume pump from my apartment complex's maintance guys. I didn't vacume it clean the first time and I had a leak at the compressor too. Then I replaced the compressor and cleared out out the system and I was in business. Personally I put two cans of 134 in and it cools like a champ. Each can is 12 ozs and the system calls for 39oz of the expensive stuff. after I vacumed the system clean I put 3+ cans in and on the first drive I blew the pressure switch apart. Then I only put two cans in and it blows very cold.
I replaced every O-Ring and the dryer. cleaned up all my A/C lines, evaporator, and the condensor inside and out.
Now I just have to remember to leave A/C off when I play as I haven't had A/C for 5yrs.

Good stuff. Frank
Re: Broke ANOTHER AC Compressor.... (G60ING)

Kickass! I just found out that the seal on the compressor is user replaceable! It costs a whopping $1.87!

So now all I need to figure out is how to get the pulley and clutch assembly off and I should be all set once spring rolls around.
And this time, I'll take it to someone that knows what they're doing when its time to charge it up.
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Re: Broke ANOTHER AC Compressor.... (kkozma)

There are about 12 9mm bolts holding the front of the A/C compressor on. You just need to have the whole thing out of the car. The torque specs??? Maybe just the german method Goooodentiighteeen
Re: Broke ANOTHER AC Compressor.... (G60ING)

I have an extra AC compressors that works, but just don't hold any refridgerant. They both leak out the front seal. So, if I replace the seals on the other one, anyone want it? lol!
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