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Hi everyone,

I hope I'm not bothering with yet another bluetooth module thread, I tried looking it all up myself but I couldnt come to a result. Heres what is known:

I recently bought a 2011 mk6 GTI, it has an RNS510 and a bluetooth module (option number 9ZB, part number 5K0-035-730-B). When I turn on the car the MDI shows it trying to connect to the previous owners phone (sadly bought from someone who bought it off an auction so theres no way to reach the previous owner). In the MDI on the "phone" screen I have 3 options, connect phone (tries connecting to the old owners phone), find phone and find media player. I tried the 2nd and 3rd option but neither of them find my phone and I cant find the car with either of them active (no VW device shows up in my phone, I did check that my phone is discoverable). I cant find any option to delete the previous owners phone. I tried unplugging the module for a bit, turning the car on, turning it off and plugging the module back in. No change. Tried with a Oneplus 6T, a Samsung Galaxy S8 (the previous owner had an S7 Edge), an LG G6, an Asus Zenfone3. Same behavior on all of them, cant find car in phone and cant find phone in car. My parents have a 2012 passat with bluetooth (not sure what module) and my phone works just fine with that.

Now, my question is, is there a way to reset the module? Could it be that I need to delete the previous owners phone first? I'm very lost right now, I'd rather not buy a new bluetooth module if this one still works.
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