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Broken Cabrio...HELP

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My car is starting intermitently. I replaced the starter, the ignition switch and the main relay. No one can find what is wrong with it but it seems to not want to start when it has been sitting overnight in the cold. Anyone have any ideas? I have had it to two mechanics and a vw dealer and no one can find anything wrong....
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Re: Broken Cabrio...HELP (Alikatt55)

is the battery old?
Re: Broken Cabrio...HELP (blackstar)

No the battery is brand new. When you turn the key all the lights come on and the radio comes on, but nothing else happens. It wont even attempt to turn over. It acts as if the car is not in park when it in fact is. I have told the mechanics that too and so far nothing has come from it.
Re: Broken Cabrio...HELP (Alikatt55)

You have a broken wire or connector somewhere. It is likely the starter wire. You will need to test it for conductivity when it is bitter cold out. The reason no one can find anything is that they pull it into their warm shops and then everything is fine.
Sorry dude. Electrical problems suck.
Re: Broken Cabrio...HELP (atomicalex)

Thank you so much! I will have that checked out :c)
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