German vinyl manufacturers Bruxsafol have recently debuted their new Matte Caribbean Metallic finish on a new Volkswagen Scirocco, making for a finished product which is sure to turn heads wherever it goes.  As a part of Bruxsafol's "Platinum Wrapping Film" line, the Matte Caribbean Metallic finish is manufactured to the highest standards ensuring longevity and providing UV protection for the vehicle.



As for their display vehicle, we think that Bruxsafol hit it out of the park with this Scirocco.  Once you get past the hue, onlookers are sure to notice the air suspension and OEM Audi "Rotor" wheels which appear to be in RS5 fitment.  As for drivetrain upgrades, the car features performance engine and DSG software, and a full turbo-back exhaust.

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