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BryanMKIV's .:R Build Thread

I will use this thread to document the progress and maintenance on the car and Maybe some How-To's
Sorry for the format currently. Everything is a bit jumbled until I figure out how exactly I want to format it. I will add dates to all updates in these first few posts.

I am mostly going to use this first post for general pictures.
The second post will be used for parts and installs.

First some background:
I've been a car guy my whole life. At the age of 27 i don't feel like trying to count all of the cars I've had. The notable ones are a 2001 Audi TT which I bought just out of high school. I loved that car and to this day it is tied for first favorite, next to the golf R. I had a 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer (Not evo) which I purchased brand new at the end of 2008. I then turbo'ed it with Evo X take off's in my driveway. While that wasn't the most luxurious ride of its time, it took a lot of abuse and never gave me a problem for the 4 years I owned it. Most recently I had an MK6 GTI base model, which I traded in after a year for the R. The cool thing is, after I bought the R I found out it used to belong to forum member AdamChandler I am pretty anal about my vehicles, and he kept this car in immaculate condition. I can't thank him enough for that, and am thankful that I get to enjoy it as the second owner.

APR RSC 3" TBE (Cast Down Pipe version)
Audi R8 Coils
NGK Platinum Iridium plugs .28
Evolution Motorsports Intake
Integrated Engineering Intake Manifold
Integrated Engineering Stage 2 Pro + IM tune
Sachs SRE pressure plate
Southbend Stage 3 dxd drop in disc
New OEM Sachs DMFW
Southbend Stage 3 Daily
VWR subframe mount (75a poly)
Tyrol DeadSet subframe collars
Spulen top
Forge Turbo Silencer Delete

Urotuning Black Emblems

Maintenance: (Mostly for my own reference)
50k 11/2015 Oil Change (When car was purchased)
51k 12/23/2015 Car detailed at AutoNuvo
53k 1/10/2016 Replaced Cam Follower
54k 2/2/2016 Plugs and Coils
54k 2/15/2016 Oil Change
55k 3/5/2016 New clutch installed (Sachs)
55k 3/5/2016 Oil Change (due to clutch install)
57k 4/18/2016 (Sachs clutch removed, Southbend clutch installed)
59k 5/17/2016 Car detailed at AutoNuvo (exterior and interior)
60k 5/28/2016 60k service (oil, haldex fluid & filter, break fluid flush, tire rotation, fuel filter)
61k 6/7/2015 4 wheel alignment

*UPDATE 12/8/2015* Took a couple of pictures today while my brother was working on his car. Nothing special, just playing with angles

Here are the first few crappy cell phone pictures of the car soon after I picked it up.

I traded in my Mk6 GTI for this and couldn't be happier.

My old car. Again, not the greatest pictures lol
The GTI was APR stage 2+ with APR catted DP and southbound stage II endurance clutch.


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I found a great deal on a used APR HPFP so I scooped it up knowing I will need it in the future:

*UPDATE 12/21/2015* I picked up a new APR tbe from a local guy on Craigslist. I'm not really a catback guy especially on 4 cylinders. Everything I've read says this turbo back is quieter than stock. Which I hope is true. I know APR has taken on a bad rap in the past year because of the "RSC scandal" but if it does what it's supposed to, meaning doesn't drone and is quiet then I will be happy. Other wise I'll end up throwing the stock catback back on.

I will say this is the highest quality downpipe I have ever seen or held.

*UPDATE 12/26/2015* Got the black VW emblems from UroTuning for Christmas. :) I put the front one on. The rear will probably wait if I decide to put it on. The front emblem was more work than it should have been. I wasn't sure how I would like it at first. I don't like chrome. But I also am a less is more type of person when it comes to appearance mods. I will say that this truly looks awesome in person on the CW. Def looks better in person than in pics. Also a perfect fit and high quality piece.

*UPDATE 1/1/2016* I got the exhaust installed on new years. Here are some pictures from the install. I had it done at a shop local to me called SpeedLife Motorsport in Haverhill Ma. They opened on New Years day just to do this job. I highly recommend them if you are in the area. They did a great job and are great people!

As for the exhaust it is awesome. It's astonishingly quiet. I was worried at first start up that it would be too loud and obnoxious but was amazed to find that it is probably quieter than stock at cold startup and idle. Even while cruising below 4k its stock quiet, and above that or under heavy throttle it's just enough to let you know it's there but still really not loud. It's much deeper toned than stock and 100% no drone. I am already contemplating deleting the first resonator just for a little more bite in the sound. I am still on the stock tune but can feel a noticeable torque increase with this exhaust.

And this picture just because :)

*UPDATE 1/5/2016* Today we had the coldest day of the season here in MA, so to celebrate I unhooked my soundaktor in the freezing cold and dark :screwy:

I used the method where you unbolt these 2 bolts and push the bracket down to give more clearance for your hand.

I was able to unhook and pull the connector up through this gap to seal it up real good with electrical tape

Then I managed to contort my hand somehow (I have the scrapes and cuts to prove it) and get a zip tie around the plug, and a wiring harness which is back out of the way.

*UPDATE 1/19/2016* I received and installed my EvoMS intake today. I really like it. I had a unitronic intake on my GTI and took it off because I didn't feel it sounded good. It was insanely loud and the diverted valve had this wierd unpleasant sound. Not like any other car I've had. It was almost weak. On the R this intake is pretty subtle but just enough to put a smile on your face when the turbo spools :)

*UPDATE 2/2/2016* Installed my R8 coil packs which were previously on my GTI. Also changed the spark plugs. The old ones were def due. Went with NGK platinums .28 gap . Sorry for the atrociously dirty engine bay. It's winter here in New England and the sand and salt just gets into every nook and cranny. It has been too cold for a detail.

*UPDATE 2/15/2016* Had my IE intake manifold installed a few weeks ago and flashed my stage 2 tune. The car is like a new machine. It pulls so hard now. The issue I am running into is that the clutch is slipping in all gears :face palm: except maybe first lol.



*UPDATE 2/18/2016* The mod I probably wanted most when I had my gti...LED tails. Again, sorry for the dirty car. I swear I wash it lol, but every time I do we get a freezing bout with snow, sand, and salt :(

*UPDATE 2/18/2016* I got my clutch, VWR subframe mount, and TyrolSport Dead Set kit installed over the weekend. Unfortunately, by the time I remember ed to ask the installer for pictures, they were practically finished, however there are plenty of pictures to be found online.
you can follow my review here http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?7713713-My-Clutch-Review
VWR Subframe Mount:

I love it! I had concerns after reading reviews online, but Ifeel that many people may have had bad installs. As for NVH, i'd say a 5% increase. It's not even enough vibration to vibrate the rear view mirror, and you can't visually see the seats or anything vibrate for that matter. At idle you can slightly feel it, but it is not in any way intrusive. I actually wish there was more in a way haha. It makes the car feel more purposeful. Upon startup you can feel it, just feels like theres something under the hood now, and if gives a nice deep throaty tone in the cabin, again not even as intrusive as the soundaktor, but just enough to be perfect! To somebody who didn't know the car, they probably wouldn't even notice it. My gf who rides in it every day almost, didn't notice it.
As for performance, I haven't gotten on it yet due to clutch break in, but have already noticed a few things. Throttle response seems better, and you can really tell how much the engine used to shift before. Also those akward times where you would just be getting on the clutch then have to slow down, I used to feel the car sort of jerk, such as in traffic. That is now completely gone and the car just feels solid as a rock. Makes me think I may do the other two mounts in the future.
Tyrol Dead Set:
This one is hard to comment on. I dropped the car off over a 5 day vacation weekend in which I drove a hyundai SUV. After picking up the R, the steering felt dead tight. This could be because I was used to the suv, however I used to feel like I heard clanking when going over a bump while the wheel was turned, that is gone, and there is a definite improvement in front end tightness. Plus it is great piece of mind.

*UPDATE 4/18/2016*
I sort of skipped some updates for a while, however on March 5th I got my "Frankenstein" clutch installed. That didn't work out so well due to the disc being too thin for the pressure plate, causing it to never make good contact with the flywheel. On the 18th I had a southbend stage 3 daily installed. You can read all about the fiasco here:


Sorry I don't have any pictures but there's 1000 pics of the shouthbend clutch online haha.

*UPDATE 6/5/2016*

I installed an APR intercooler today. It sucked lol. There is a definite noticeable improvement in Lag, and consistent power after multiple runs :)

*UPDATE 6/20/2016*

Installed Spulen TOP and Forge turbo silencer delete. I chose the Spulen TOP because it uses clamps only, and alleviates having to use the factory style coupler and c clip. Also, the forge silencer delete is leaps and bounds better than any of the others that come with the TOP kits.


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Gosh, looks like the guy who was welding this missed a spit can that was hanging over his neck... You definitely don't see this kind of stuff on Unitronic or CTS Turbo exhausts. I hope you got a discount for this. Good build though. Best of luck to you!
Yea I didn't pay near full price. The welds themselves aren't the prettiest I'll admit. My first downpipe on my gti was from SPM and let me tell you those welds were beautiful. This picture is obviously of the Mid pipe. I was more just trying to show the bungs. I figure ass long as it functions well and the welds hold up I'm happy. I could care less if they're pretty as they'll be under the car. The second downpipe I had on the gti was from APR and compared to SPM is was worlds better. Again welds didn't look as pretty but the fit and quality was miles ahead. The whole reason I didn't go with unite panic or CTS was because of drone. Thanks for the wishes.

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Woa.. Did you see if there was any wear on the cam? With your new APR pump you need to change them quite often now. Check with other APR HPFP owners, I believe they do this like every 5-7K.
Yea I was paranoid when I saw the follower and I checked the cam. Luckily it looked fine. The follower still felt smooth haha. Idk how with it looking like that. And I don't have the hpfp installed yet. Figure I'm going to do the clutch first. Then I'll throw the pump in before tune. I know I'll have to do more often with the apr pump. Not looking forward to that :( haha

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Now the soundaktor how do u like it unplugged ?

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I love it. I can't stand that thing. It didn't sound real to me anyways. Just hummed and droned. With it unplugged and the exhaust and intake it sounds much better!! Even in the gti with just a downpipe the engine and exhaust note sounds 10 times better than the fake noise that thing makes.
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