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Bucking problem solved

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Just letting you guys know that I replaced the in-tank fuel pump in my 87 Scirocco 16V and my bucking problems went away.
Symptoms - When the car was cold it would buck sporadically about three or four times after I got the car moving. There would be a violent jolt and the car wouldn't rev until I pushed in the clutch. After I went about half of a mile, the bucking would stop.
FYI the screen on the old pump was not clogged at all (about 3 or 4 specks on it) so there must have been some type of internal problem. I never did test the old pump though, I just replaced it on a hunch.
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Re: Bucking problem solved (Redroc)

What kind of clamps were on the little hose that connected to the old pump? Were they the solid metal bands that you had to cut off? If so, you had an original pump (which was recalled, BTW).
Re: Bucking problem solved (VWhombre)

I remember reading about that recall recently. I did have the crimp-on clamp that I had to cut off. I'm the original owner of the car and would have to check my records to see if the pump was replaced. I remember that the tank was replaced but I am not sure about the pump.
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