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budget setup

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Hey all-
I need to put a better stereo in my 93 Passat...
My 01 New Beetle (non-monsoon) sounds great to me. Would a speaker combo from a MK4 golf or Jetta work for me in my car? I think there are 5.5" in the door, and tweeters in the dash (non-Aktiv), and the rears can hold 6" from what I hear... I just took the carpeting off the back deck and I noticed that there are holes pre-drilled for tweeters as well...
Any thoughts to this?
Anybody want to sell their factory speakers?
I'd like a cheapy HU-- It should be a CD player (mp3 would be great, but I cant see them being cheap.) It also should have green lighting to match my dash. Any suggestions?
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Re: budget setup (vortexblue)

For the HU:
I dont know if $250 is cheap, but Crutchfield has Kenwood MP8017 on sale and it plays mp3. It is an okay deck.
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