Well that was quick.  Earlier today, Bugatti confirmed both the 'Chiron' moniker and a Geneva Motor Show debut for its next hypercar.  Just a few hours later, Brian Williams from SpiedBilde sent over shots of the car, appearing largely undisguised with simple matte black paint, undergoing road testing with German plates.  And now that we've got a pretty good idea of how it'll look, we can further speculate other pertinent details.

Based on the generous side vent and very familiar grille layout, we expect this Chiron to be much the same as a Veyron underneith, sticking to W16 power, although reports have hinted that the retail version might have as much as 1,500hp, up from the Veyron Super Sport's relatively tame 1,184.  All we know for sure is that it'll be quick, and we won't be able to afford one.

Look out for more updates on the upcoming Bugatti as we get closer to Geneva.