The Bugatti Galibier is back on the table and could be the automaker’s next model.

As Bugatti prepares to start production on the new Chiron, the company is looking towards the future and the possibility of offering another model alongside its newest sports car. One of those possibilities is the Galibier, a four-door luxury sedan that Bugatti had shown in concept form years ago. Speaking to Australia’s Drive, Bugatti CEO Wolfgang Durheimer confirmed that he is “following up four strategic ideas,” and that the Galibier is one of them. The other three remain a secret, but rumors suggest other alternatives include a high-end luxury SUV to take on the upcoming Rolls-Royce Cullinan, an electrified luxury car or a cheaper supercar to slot under the Chiron.

But if it was left up to Durheimer alone, it would likely be the Galibier that gets the green light. “My heart continues to beat for this car, because we had some revolutionary approaches that no one to date has yet dared to place into production,” he said in reference to the four-door concept. The Galibier originally received a nod of approval in 2011, with plans of producing up to 3,000 units over an eight-year period. But Durheimer moved to Audi in 2013 and his replacement, Wolfgang Schreiber, steered Bugatti into making the Chiron. Durheimer returned to Bugatti last year and has wasted no time in resurrecting the Galibier, which could finally become a reality.

[Source: Drive ]

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