Along with an image of the engine, wheels, and seats, Bugatti has announced that it intends to unveil its latest special vehicle on October 28, 2020.

Seen testing at France’s Paul Ricard circuit, the car appears to be a racy, likely track-only hypercar. Today’s image reveals for certain that it will use Bugatti’s familiar W16 quad-turbo engine.

It will be placed between a set of racing buckets and the driver will make use of a circular-rectangular steering wheel. All four wheels also appear to be driven—much like the Chiron.

Centerlock wheels give the car an air of raciness, as do the (apparently) slick tires. All of which leads us to wonder if Bugatti is designing its entry to the Le Mans Hypercar class. 

The class will enter the sport in 2021 precipitated by the exit of Audi and Porsche from the World Endurance Championship. It will allow race versions of production hypercars—like the Chiron—to enter Le Mans’ top class and race alongside bespoke prototypes like the Toyota TS050. 

What if BUGATTI created ...?

— Bugatti (@Bugatti)
23, 2020[/URL]

Last week, Bugatti made another cryptic post through its social media channels, posting only a photo of the number 0.67. We posited that that might be a weight to power ratio, which would require the 1,500 hp Bugatti to weigh 1,005 kg. Although that would be absurdly difficult for a road car (the Chiron Sport weighs 1,978 kg), it would be just about right for a topflight Le Mans car.

The Audi R18, for instance, with its heavy batteries, MGU, and diesel engine weighed just 875 kg. For those pointing to the passenger seat that appears in this image, cars in the Hypercar class will be required to have two seats (it’s a Le Mans tradition). 

Right now, Scuderia Glickenhaus is the only other team confirmed for competition. Aston Martin said it would compete but has since paused the program while it prepares to enter Formula 1 as a constructor.