Ahoy, mateys! Looking for something completely different to cruise the neighborhood? How about a boat-slash-car...thing? But if you're looking to merge your love with the land with your love for the sea, you have to make a choice: do you build your land yacht, or do you bu(o)y it built?

Option A: Build
Article: 1972 Volkswagen Beetle

While we can't help you source a boat hull, we can locate a suitable chassis on which to build your Boatswagen. This '72 Bug may have a rusty body, but who the heck cares? It's the first thing you'll toss out on your way to open-air motoring.

This orange sedan appears to be a Super Beetle (the ad doesn't clarify if it's a standard car or a Super), and if it is, it will have the more stable Macpherson strut front suspension. The very brief ad says the engine is a runner, but we're guessing you're going to have to sort out the brakes and suspension.

So if you're ready to build your own SS Waterbug, take a look at the classified ad on thesamba.com . This '72 is in Azusa, CA, and the asking price is $2500.

Option B: Buoy
Article: 1973 Volkswagen Boatswagon

If you didn't think 2020 was weird enough, well, this boat-car exists. And not to sink your battleship, no, it doesn't float.

We're guessing your biggest question is "Why?" Well, we can't answer that. Maybe someone had a beat-up Bug and leaky boat laying around and thought "Might as well put the two together!" And this is what resulted.

But once you get past the utter strangeness of this hybrid vehicle, you start to see how fun it can be to own it. This is, for all intents and porpoises (n'yuk), a convertible. It's a perfect car for summertime drives. We can picture night drives with some yacht rock blasting and the LED light strips blazing.

And here's the other thing: this little boatcar has been well built. Look at the intricate and colorful paint job. Some serious workmanship has gone into this car.

If you're are looking for the ultimate attention-getting boat, err, car, then this one's for you. Check out the no-reserve auction on bringatrailer.com for more photos and information. This cruiser is docked in Sarasota, FL, and the current bid at the time this story was written is $6,900.