"Bring the Scirocco!"

"We need the Scirocco!"

"All VW's problems would be solved and there would be global peace and everyone would be rich and there would be no world-wide pandemics if they gave us the Scirocco!!!"

Sorry, but Volkswagen never gave us the Euro-only Scirocco. But guess what? HPA Motorsports did the unthinkable and built their own Scirocco. Kind of. And they stuffed it full of...well, you'll see below. So if you still pine for a modern Scirocco, you can buy theirs, or build your own. So which will it be?

Argument: Build
Article: 2007 Volkswagen Eos 3.2L

What better way to enjoy Wookiee growl of the VR6 engine than with the top down on your very own Scirocco Eos. That 250HP beast under the hood is the perfect soundtrack for a summer drive.

Yes, we know this isn't the chopped-top hot hatch that Europe got, but it's pretty darn close. This 2007 Eos looks like it's very good condition. The exterior appears to be free of dents and dings. The interior is clean and seat shows appropriate wear for a car with 94,000 miles. It has tinted windows (and maybe the sunroof as well?). The top is in working order, and it has 18" alloy wheels from a Mk7 GTI.

Best of all, this rare 3.2L Eos has a "Buy It Now" price of only $6200, or submit a bid on eBay . This '07 hardtop convertible is in Atlanta, GA.

Argument: Buy
Article 2008 Volkswagen Scirocco Convertible

Ok, ok; this isn't a Scirocco. But the amazing folks at HPA Motorsports bought the front fascia of a Euro Scirocco and grafted it onto their '08 Eos. And it looks very very good.

HPA didn't stop with the face swap, they added a full 4motion all-wheel-drive drivetrain to the car, then slapped on a Borg-Warner turbocharger. By their estimates, their 'Rocco is pushing 500HP to all four wheels. Oh, and they've connected the Haldex system to one of their in-house controllers, which can direct where power is supplied; power can be sent to all four wheels all the time. And it can be rear-wheel-biased. Nice.

The fun thing with this is it's one of HPA's more mild builds. And it can be yours. They don't list the price, but the HPA 'Rocco is for sale. Take a look at the ad on their site . HPA Motorsports is in Langely, British Columbia, Canada. And if you have any doubts about this car, check TheSmokingTire video .