Spring is officially here, and with the better weather comes dreams of long drives with the top down. What better way to get some sun than behind the wheel of Volkswagen's other iconic convertible: the Cabriolet. So if you're searching for a top-down Bunny, here are two (well, three) great options. But do you build your own, or buy it built?

Argument: Build
Article: 1984 (and 1985) Volkswagen Cabriolet

It's funny how often you come across buy-one, get-one older Volkswagens. Here we have a 1984 Cabriolet that comes with what we think is a 1985 Cabby parts car; we believe the pictured VIN plate is from the second car, but really, it's just a guess.

Now the main car is in rough condition, as evidenced by photos of flat tires, mold/moss on the interior door panel, the raggedy roof, and the heavily oxidized Mars Red paint (or "Mars Orange" as many call it, including the seller). But look a little closer and note the lack of rust. Most of the trim is intact. And technically the car runs. Just not for long.

The included parts car has better (read: redder) paint, and it has a full set of "snowflake" alloys, but there's no mention of engine condition, or what else this additional car needs. But it's always fun to think you could get two cars out of a deal.

Take a look at the Facebook Marketplace ad for more information. The seller is asking $1080 for both cars, and they are in Sidney, Ohio.

Argument: Buy
Article: 1987 Volkswagen Cabriolet

You can restore a car 'til it looks better-than-brand-new, but there's one thing you can't bring back: miles. Take a look at this '87 Cab: it has only 39,000 miles. That breaks down to less than 1,200 miles per year.

And the photos show how clean and original the car is. With the exception of the radio, this car is completely stock. And the seller even has two period-correct VW radios that come with the car.

The pinstripe interior looks brand new, as does the engine, the top, and well, everything. It was in a small accident in 2006, and it was repainted at some point.

The current bid for this '87 is $2600, but with it being on bringatrailer.com , the final selling price is anyone's guess. This convertible Bunny is in (where else?) Los Angeles, CA.