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I have to ask you if you know where I could buy parts useful to build a VR6 that will be feeded mostly with LPG (autogas).
My family needs an off road car, the diesels are banned here and so I was thinking to the Touareg 1, because it's port injection and not direkt injection, so no particulate (for example, Germany will probably ban the TSI without partiekel filter soon, and other places will follow).
The only problem is that this car should be a daily driver (10.000 km/year or more), and here they don't sell the 98 octane (aka the required gas), while the 100 costs like 2 euro! and the 95 (that's not good) is sold about at 1,5 euro: it is just too much expensive.
The LPG is a good option and will exclude forever such car from the future drive bans, but the stock VR6 doesn't tolerate it and I don't trust the lube (vor example, the GM vortex engies die even with it), so I would like to build a VR6 but using dedicated parts: mostly, I would like to get stronger valves and stronger valve seats. The results should be a VR6 Ecofuel, like the R4 2.0 we found in the caddys and T5s.

The problem is that I searched for these parts in internet but I can't find them. I found only this site:

I only found that they sell reinforced valve seats with the available sizes but I don't know if they will fit in the VR6 head because I don't know the correct size :( I need. And they don't sell reinforced valves :( for the VR6 (or at least I didn't find them).
Sadly, I checked the E*KA and saw that the 2.0 Ecofuel valves are sized differently from the VR6.
I have already checked this site about converting engines to LPG and found a thread, that now I lost, in wich a guy suggested to litterally make the valves and valve seats, but I don't know where to start since I don't know any company that make custom valves and valve seats and also I don't know the right raw material to ask to make them.

So, do you know where I could get such stuff?
Thanks in advance for your attention.

Happy new year!
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