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I will start by saying I'm not new autocross but I am new to front wheel drive and STF so I will be learning how to drive this car as well as building it to the class.
I bought a 00 jetta 2.0 in dec of 13 it was a reposition and needed a good bit of work. Maint and normal wear and tear out of the way though the perf add ons are currently.

Power flex front Polly bushings
Power flex rear Polly bushings
Power flex dog bone mount
Rear KYB AGX shocks
eBay lowering springs ( they were on the car when I got it)
Diesel geek short shifter
Front TT ball joints.
Front and rear stop tech pads and centric rotors.
Rear 25mm ebach sway bar

Ran my first autox on this car last week and it felt much better then I was expecting. The tires were greasy feeling and the front end pushed. Front dampers are blown and have a lot of wheel hop and even with the rear sway car had a lot of body roll. I was 9 sec off the other STF car and he has a built to class RSX. So my plan is

200 tread wear tires and 17inch rims
Front sway bar and end links
HR sport springs
Front strut tower brace
Front prothane upper strut mounts
Front struts
Solid steering rack mount
Solid front subframe mounts
New motor and trans mounts
Cold air intake
Stainless steel brake lines

Of there is anything that I am missing please let me know. I mounted up the rims and tires today and can already tell a huge improvement.

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How did you use TT ball joints without also using TT control arms and knuckles?

Good call on the new wheels and tires, they will help a lot. Which tire did you end up going with?

Besides changing out the front struts (and rear shocks), most of the items are your to-do list are either counterproductive or "icing" mods that you shouldn't worry about until you know the car very well.

Weight is the biggest enemy of your car, get as much out as STF rules allow. Springs are tough with the MK4. 95% of the aftermarket springs lower the car past what is optimal and aren't stiff enough for autocross. Your best option is finding a set of Shine Racing springs, but better than the eBay springs you have now or even H&R is just putting a set of stock springs on with good (read: Bilstein HD or Koni) shocks. Leave the sways the way you have them now with the stock front and 25mm rear. Eventually you'll want a bigger rear bar but that's not a priority now. The brakes you have look good for autocross, I would put some ATE typ200 fluid or equivalent in there and call it a day. I have a set of 4 Goodridge stainless brake lines for sale, but again not something you really need at this point.

Right now your time will be best spent gaining seat time with your new car and figuring out little but important things such as tire pressures that work best for your setup.
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