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Well here we go.

Thanks to Forza of all things, I fell in love with the Mk2 Scirocco. And about a year and a half later I managed to find not one, not two, but three nearly identical 88 16V Roccos. Same color even.

Car#1 - motor currently being torn down. Dropped an intake valve on previous owner. Bought car locked up. Body is perfect, but faded. Interior needs full makeover. I have already stripped everything out but the dash and steering collumn.

Car#2 - Runs and drives but engine has a serious rod knock. Previous owner drove it in high water and the rest is history. Has decent damage to DF corner and sunrood has been siliconed shut. Interior needs full makeover.

Car#3 - No powertrain. Was converted to diesel at one point in time. Previous owner pulled the motor and sold it seperately. Body appears to be straight. Interior isn't the worst but needs help.

(Full disclosure, I possess car#1 and #2, and have car #3 on standby if I want or need it.)

I want to build at least two of them. The first one is going to be a restomod hybrid. The plan as of now is to rebuild the stock powertrain, wrap the outside, set it up on some newer wheels, and remodel the interior to feel more late model VW. I have a couple of new VWs that I am scavaging parts from to help with this. The second car, I want to break more rules. It is still in the dream phase, but I'd love to build an Audi 5cyl quattro or VR6 4motion powered race car. I also had a guy the other day suggest a rear mount VR6 and go RWD just because. Who knows. That's a ways down the road at this point.

So back to car#1.
Here's my list of what I want to do to it. I am still in planning phase with some of this, so any help from anyone who has built a 16V to be more modern, throw down your knowledge and specs.

16V PL
Rebuild lower end. Plan is to get it running and driving, and then build a hot motor with a spare from car#2. So bare bones build to start
TT or similar street cams to liven it up
TT exhaust already owned. Currently on car#2
I am currently looking to start rebuilding it ASAP

Wrapping it in a dark red (possibly metallic) vinyl. Still weighing options on which brand to go with
Wheels are on backorder but I'm going with MOMO Revenge 16x7 on all four corners. Probably a 205/45/16 maybe?
Euro head lights from a friend I made from Holland on Scirocco Syndicate
Trimmings and such from Dreadnought Customs

New carpet
Seats redone from a local custom shop
Heated seats
Custom digital screen instrument panel using a program to mimic a Digifiz
Custom screen interface for the center console to control the radio/nav etc.
Climate control conversion to modern VW (hopefully)
Shift tower conversion (or at least appear to be) to modern VW (hopefully)
Dash repair
Door cards to match the seat pattern (GTI red/black tartan)
Tilt steering from late model VW
Mk7 steering wheel with buttons

The idea is to create an 80's fever dream basically. Synthwave in reality. All the best things that made the 80's awesome, without sacrificing the modern comforts of late model cars. I know it's going to be a steep learning curve, but I'm down for it. I'm capable (mostly) to pull it off. But I will need some help. Being in Arkansas doesn't really afford me very much in the way of local help on imports, especially the German type.

If you've made it this far, I'll have some pictures attached that will show car#1 and #2, as well as some renderings of car#1 finalized at least on the exterior.


Wheel Car Tire Vehicle Land vehicle

Car#1 with Car#2 in the background
Wheel Car Land vehicle Vehicle Tire

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Automotive tire

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Plant

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Automotive lighting

Wheel Tire Vehicle Hood Car

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Automotive tire

Vehicle Vehicle registration plate Automotive parking light Grille Tire

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If you can, just take your time to do the body work and paint vs wrap. That way it'll all match up along the door/bonnet/trunk jambs, window sills.wheel well and sunroof jamb.
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