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Life got in the way and I have to let this project go. Engine currently installed in a 2006 Jetta that I converted to AWD with a complete R32 drivetrain with 60k miles. Can hear engine run, located in Cincinnati. I own Dubwerx and am willing to help deliver within reason in the midwest. Willing to sell the entire car but figure most will be interested in the engine. It's been sitting for several years but I keep the car inside on a battery tender and start it up every couple months. It's smooth, quiet, no knocking, and no smoke. Killer engine for your R32 or a swap for another car. Asking $12,900 for the complete engine and turbo kit or $14,900 for the complete car with Ohlins coil overs and a bunch of other stuff. I'm also willing to part out the car for the AWD swap, just the engine, just the turbo kit, etc. Details below, best way to contact me is email, [email protected].


  • 2006 Volkswagen Jetta GLI, 132k on body
  • Have full black leather interior, new carpet, and carbon fiber trim not installed
  • 2008 VW R32 engine, transmission, all-wheel-drive, suspension, and brake swap, 60k
  • Ohlins Road and Track coil over suspension
  • Built engine with CTS Stage 4 turbo kit (See details below)
  • Engine runs, coolant system needs completed, intercooler piping needs completed, Pro-Maf needs wired in, interior needs installed, A/C needs charged, lots of misc details obviously!

Engine Build Information
  • 2008 R32 engine, completely disassembled and rebuilt
  • Engine and cylinder head hot tanked
  • Crankshaft balanced with rotating assembly
  • Mahle pistons 84.5 bore, PTW clearance set at .0033” (does not knock at startup like JE/Weisco)
  • 034 Calico coated main bearings, OEM main bolts
  • Grey coated Touareg rod bearings, ARP rod bolts
  • Compression ratio checked and set at 8.5:1, OEM MLS head gasket, Raceware head studs
  • Fluidamper crank pulley
  • New OEM DSG flywheel
  • Ferrea iconel valves and Ferrea valve springs, stock camshafts
  • OEM timing chains and guides
  • OEM Waterpump, thermostat, all plastic housings and tubes
  • Front main seal, rear main seal, valve cover gasket
  • NGK 2316 Spark plugs
  • All 3 engine mounts new OEM

Turbo Kit
  • CTS Stage 4 kit
  • Thermal coated CTS exhaust manifold
  • Precision ball bearing 6266 turbo w/turbo blanket
  • CTS stainless downpipe and intercooler piping
  • CTS Front mount intercooler
  • Forge 1.5” diverter valve
  • Pro-MAF and wiring
  • CTS short runner intake manifold
  • MK4 R32 fuel rail with return line, 3 bar fuel pressure regulator
  • 870cc siemens fuel injectors
  • AEM tru boost controller
  • CTS in tank fuel pump, installed with relay and large gauge wiring
  • United Motorsports ECU tune for this setup, immobilizer defeated

Over $30,000 invested, have every receipts and all documentation printed plus digital pictures

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Feel free to shoot me lowball offers, I promise I won't get me feelings hurt. I'm also down to part it out if I could get the long block, trans/AWD, shell, or turbo kit sold.
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