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Kamei makes those air intake pieces (Lufteinlass), at least I have seen Kamei ones for MK3 Golfs.
Here are two sets for sale on eBay.de, and cheap:


Two things you should consider:
the Golf/Jetta 3 fog/blank assembly is smaller, the B4 ones are (noticeably) bigger;
that should not matter however if you mold them in your bumper.
And also those replace the fog light, if you care about that.
Do you need them to supply more/colder air to your engine bay?
In my B3 I went a different way.
I used a 3" flex pipe (AutoZone) that I routed from under the front bumper,
to the bottom of my cone filter. It definitely works;
I attached one end just below the tow hook and placed the other where the
top of the EVAP canister used to be.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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