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Ok just put some H&R sport springs and bilstein shocks in my Golf. The ride by the way is fantastic. One question though, do we need to trim the bumpstops? The car seems to ride fine without them trimmed. If I need to trim them them how much?
Also how long do you think I need to wait for it to fully settle? It won't be driven during the week since I am at school. They were installed just this past thursday.
Thanks for the advise.
Also for a freind of mine that has a 95 or so Golf. His lights were setup so that basically even though his headlights were switched off they all came on. I know how to disconnect the DRL. But with the marker lights how do I get them off? I looked at the switch itself and there was a jumper in the back of it. I pulled that out. But for some reason only turned off the driver side lights and not the passenger side ones. . . . anyone have suggestions for that? Thanks for the help.
Also will be posing pics of my car next week once I get the rims on.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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