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Im a newbie to a stick, how do u do burnouts in our cars? Also, why do people do them before they line it up , is this for better traction? Lemme know....ThaNks.
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Re: Burnouts? (theonetobeat)

Pretty much rev it to about 5k rpms, and let the clutch out. Some people also pull up the handbrake to keep the car from moving. You may want to turn the wheel a bit back and forth to get both wheels spinning. In theory it's supposed to get the debris of the tire and get them to a warmer temp so they stick better. In all honesty, street tires wouldn't require a burnout, as I've noticed no difference in times between doing a burnout and not doing a burnout.

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Re: Burnouts? (Bora18t)

If your running stret tires and planning on going to the track do not do a burnout. just drive around the waterbox and stage as usual
Re: Burnouts? (2035cc16v)

ok thats what I kinda figured. I just was curious seeing heads do this at a track. Thanks....
Re: Burnouts? (theonetobeat)

But they are so much fun!

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Re: Burnouts? (Y2KRICEBOY)

I drive around the wter box then do just a little burnout to get the debri off the tire. Its a waste to keep spinning them with street tires. They perform better if not over heated.

Re: Burnouts? (theonetobeat)

The proper way to do a burnout at the track is not to do a burnout directly in the water box! When i go through i tap the gas to get the tires wet and then roll past the box. Then pull up the e brake, and dump the clutch at around 5k, heatin them up real nice!
Re: Burnouts? (turbodub)

very good point. i HATE people who do that..it gets water in the wheel wells, etc, and then drips on the track
makes sucky traction for those who have sucky traction to begine with
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Re: Burnouts? (QuickBlackGTi)

I agree that a short 'dry hop' with street tires is good for clearing any small stones, or other debris that may have stuck to your tires while coming through the staging lanes.
I have seen no difference in times whether I perform a burnout or not. In fact my best times were after no burnouts.
I still appreciate seeing others who are willing to light em up for my enjoyment!

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Re: Burnouts? (VR6BOPER)

what if the track sucks and you can't go around the water box. should we to a small burnout after the water just to get the water off the tires? or im i just screwed from the start?
Re: Burnouts? (VWzealot)

I'd say yes for that. Nothing to the extent of GTG burnouts, but enough to dry the tires. Wet tires won't make a very good launch.
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Re: Burnouts? (theonetobeat)

Why if I didnt know any better, I'd bet VWzealot is from my neck of the woods and going to Steele (Alabama International?). This freakin track was built on top of a spring/swamp. NHRA canceled their contract with them a few years back. Its the only 1/4 miler around

About doing burnouts, with radials....DO NOT DO A BURNOUT, the best traction is with dry, warm tires. Tires can be warmed by simply driving at normal speeds for several miles (i.e. the drive to the track). Keep them dry by NOT going through the waterbox, it is impossible to remove all water from a tires tread by doing a burnout. Centrifigal force will force water out of the tread while doing the burnout AND while starting your run (through 60' where traction is crucial). Another good practice is to take a tiny flathead screwdriver and to check your tread regularly at the track, digging out rocks out of the tread. (Sorry, we have sh*tty tracks) Having someone brush off the debris right before your run will help also. Lowering pressure SLIGHTLY also helps, but the most surface area touching the track is more important that sidewall flex. Stiff rear supension also helps, but thats getting away from burnouts

KrautFed in Alabama
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Re: Burnouts? (KrautFed)

Sorry to the slow loaders on that one. I pull the ebrake and put it right to the boards. You have a rev limiter, let it do its job.
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Re: Burnouts? (theonetobeat)

I rotate the tires in the water box, then move up out of the water. I put it in 2nd rev it to about 6k rpms and slide, not dump the clutch out. The reason I slide it is because the clutch is really harsh, and I don't want to damage the drivetrain. As far as for your burnouts, if your on slicks do as stated above,however; if your on radials go around the water and in 1st gear rev it to 6k dump clutch out and smack it off the rev limiter all the way to the line.
Re: Burnouts? (VWzealot)

quote:[HR][/HR]what if the track sucks and you can't go around the water box. should we to a small burnout after the water just to get the water off the tires? or im i just screwed from the start?[HR][/HR]​
If you can't go around the water box, your track DOES suck. You are NOT supposed to go through the water box unless your running slicks or DOT drags. The water gets in the tread of your tires and brings it to the starting line for everyone else to deal with. A good track official will keep the street tired racers away from the box
Re: Burnouts? (HIRVNMF)

that $hitty track you are speaking of sounds like atco.
Re: Burnouts? (schrickedVR6)

Well, do any of you people who say don't do a burnout on street tires run 2.0-2.1 60fts regularly??? IF not SHUT THE HELL UP... ah that felt good..
20psi... If u don't have a diff just rev to 5k off the clutch and burnout up to the line short and sweet... heats em up and cleans debris.. if u have a diff still avoid water when possible.. pull up ebrake.. same thing 5k, dump hold for a few sec u will feel the car start to hook and pull u foward...drop the ebrake and coast to the start line...No need for a huge smokie burnout.. just to get the tires sticky.. and if u say street tires don't get sticky your wacked..
And if u have to go through water like at atco.. no biggie.. do the same steps..
p.s. i have tried no burnout and i don't run as good
Re: Burnouts? (ItsukiVR6)

they don't. the BEST thing for REAL street tyres not drag radials or such is a dry hop.
as your going up to the line just quickly dump the clutch and get them to spin for a short time to clean em. they don't hook any better warm than regular temp.
and yes..this is coming from a person who has spent too much time at the track and runs consistant 2.0 & 2.1 60 foots on 17 X 8 rims with 225/45's - no where near ideal but if you modulate the throttle and control wheel spin they hook OK. and that's just with a quick dry hop to get the feel for the track and clean em off.
also on street tyres i've run 2.6 60 foots while still tearing down the strip to 13.7's on cooper cobra's. now THOSE have crap traction.
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