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When everyone here does a suspension upgrade, it's usually some combination of springs, anti-roll bars, and shocks. One of the things they did with the 25th Aniv Edition GTI is to use stiffer bushings in the rear suspension (I'm not exactly sure where). Apparently this has the effect of controlling camber changes in the rear wheels under cornering, and, therefore preventing understeer
Has anyone here done this themselves? Does anyone sell the necessary parts?
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Re: Bushings (BigE)

I've had this on my mind ever since I read the review of the 25Y GTI. BigE, could you post the part# for the rubber torsion beam bushing?
I'm running the Energy Suspension motor mount inserts. At the time, these were the only application they had for MkIV. A trip to web site shows that they now have more bushings, including "rear control arm" "front control arm" "front sway bar" and "rear coil spring isolators".
I'm planning on springs & shocks (pro-kit & koni) in the spring, and I was thinking on trying some of these bushings while the car is apart. Like you, BigE, I want to improve handling, but my main use for the car is daily driving & long road trips, so I need to maintain a level of comfort.
I'm hoping I can hear some testemonials from people using these, but because they are so new I'm figuring I will be the ginuea pig...
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