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i wrote on here about need a new clutch and learned about the vr6/g60 and am purchasing that but i was wondering can i keep my same flywheel? Might be a stupid q but i dont really care... my car has 69,000. Can i reuse the flywheel on there? I dont want a lightweight. If i cant ill just get another oem or something... thanks

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Re: (I Spool)

Quote, originally posted by [email protected] »

FAQ: Can I use a VR6 clutch on my MK4 1.8T, 2.0L, or TDI?
Answer: Yes, you can absolutely use a bigger and beefier 228mm VR6 clutch on your car when using a G60 flywheel with it. They last longer, hold more power, and are an all-around better and more heavier duty clutch, especially needed for those chipped 1.8Ts or modifed TDIs pushing a lot of torque!
FAQ: Do I have to use the G60 flywheel to make it work? Can I just buy your VR6 clutch for $149.95 and use my existing flywheel?
Answer: No, you cannot. You must use a 228mm G60 flywheel in order to make the 228mm VR6 clutch work on your MK4 4-cyl car. It will not work otherwise. You can certainly purchase just the VR6 clutch from us for $149.95 and source your own flywheel elsewhere, though. We can certainly do that for you.
FAQ: Are there any other modifications that have to be done to make this kit work on my car?
Answer: No! No other modification are required to make this kit work. It's simply a bolt-on affair and you're ready to roll!
FAQ: Is this an 'on and off' clutch much like racing clutches or is it a daily streetable set-up?
Answer: These kits are absolutely, positively streetable and offer the ultimate in drivability. In fact, most people will tell you that the pedal feel is better than their stock clutch.
If you have any questions about the kits, contact us at the contact info below:
AIM/YIM: mjmautohaus
WEB: http://www.mjmautohaus.com
Phone: 210.DUB.PART (382.7278)

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