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The short story is this:
I have a ’98 PASSAT 1.8T that has the HAED broken (the camshaft was broken).
I was looking for another head but was too expensive (after core and discount was $1800) than I decided to buy a wrecked car and to swap the engines.
So, I bought another ’98 PASSAT 1.8T, some color (dark green) wrecked on the left quarter panel.
Now, I have 2 cars but I can’t find a mechanic to do the job for me, so I decided to sell both of them.
If you know to swap the engines, you can have a good car, and can keep the other car for parts, and you will have parts for live.
Both of them are very clean inside, so you may sell one interior, the transmission from the wrecked one…
The good one(clear title) is auto & the wrecked one(salvage title) is 5 speed.
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