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Allright guys/gals so i recently had a very unfortunate accident with my 2.0 jetta. I got it for a very cheap price from my next door nehibor but it really made me fall for the whole volkswagen scene. So on my hunt for a new car i came across a 2.0 turbo that is located on the island. Now i dont know much about it yet because im waiting for a pm. This is the given info tho
2.0 ABA with ATP stage 2 turbo kit..
Double stacked head gasket.
ARP head studs..
C2 software
WRD motor mount poly inserts
turbo xs dual stge boost controller
hks turbo timer
turbo xs diverter valve
129xxx miles on car
rebuilt at 98k
pelequin diff(cant spell)
EIP stage 3 clutch
Patec holeshots coilovers

A few questions i have for guys are...How hard is it to maintain a turbo car, what do you think about the milage, and I guess any other usefill information you might have for me. Hes looking for 5500 for the car and he says hes willing to negotiate.
Thanks everyone.
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