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buying a used Jetta TDI...what to look for

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hi there, I posted this over on the Jetta forum too. I'm heading in to a dealer tomorrow to check out a 2000 Jetta TDI w/ 40,000km on it. $20K ......canadian currency.

Any thing I should look out for, or ask about?
Thanks guys,
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Re: buying a used Jetta TDI...what to look for (Coolin90)

Have the service department run a service history. Check the oil level to se if they have been checking it. Good luck!
Re: buying a used Jetta TDI...what to look for (Coolin90)

The only potential problems may be the MAF sensor or the window regulators(if it's a GLS)
If the car isn't from that dealership, I'd ask them to contact the place where it was serviced, if they know.
It's possible that the car was traded in from someone who doesn't live or use that dealership.
With 40K on the car, I'd be curious to know if the timing belt has been changed(probably not). You might want to ask them to inspect the belt, or show it to you and make sure it's adjusted(tension). This is gonna cost you lots to have done(replaced, that is). When you do, make sure to get the NEW 80,000 mile belt and improved tensioner.
Make sure to ask the obvious, like has it been in an accident, did they do any major repairs to the car? Why did the previous owner sell/trade the car in, etc, etc.
Good luck

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Re: buying a used Jetta TDI...what to look for (TDI_Jetta)

What's the deal with the window regulators on the GLS?? Is it still a problem, the MAF and the regulators on the 2002s??
Same goes for the timing belt....the 80,000 one is on the 2002s right?
Re: buying a used Jetta TDI...what to look for (Coolin90)

probably not on the 2002's. The window regulators have a very weak plastic part that breaks easily. The MAF sensors on the TDI's seem to be better than the 1.8T MAF's. There is a theory of a bad batch, corroded electrical ground, Old MAF connector, etc, etc.
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