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Buying a VW in Chicago to drive in LA ?

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Has anybody bought a VW in one state and had it SHIPPED to another state, coz even with the $ 800-1000 shipping costs, it was a better deal?
I am sorta toying with this idea but dont know how practical it is. Its for my finacee who lives in LA. She is coming down over the weekend to Chicago and if i get a deal like what i got (the car in the sig cost $20,575 incl tax, tag and title in Dec '00) for her then it might still be better than what she could find in sunny CA.
Or would you folks in CA think that she can get a 01 AWE for about 21.5 K (all inclusive) even there.
What do you guys think?
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Re: Buying a VW in Chicago to drive in LA ? (ambat)

My one thought to share with you is to make sure you don't end up paying sales tax twice. That would defininately blow your savings . . .
Re: Buying a VW in Chicago to drive in LA ? (dr.orange)

Careful - in California there's some sort of restrictions on buying new cars out of state. I think they have to be more than 6 months old in order to register them here. It's to prevent people bringing large numbers of non-CARB compliant cars into the state. Of course, it could be registered to you in Illinois, I guess.
Re: Buying a VW in Chicago to drive in LA ? (edkim)

hmm CA emissions laws could be an issue. So she cant buy the car...wrap up the paperwork and then tell them to load it up on a truck for LA to be delivered to her doorsteps can she?
I can have the car registered to my name...but then how do i transfer it to her name...coz it will be financed by her credit union or VW credit.
I guess more questions than answers should be indicative that its not really feasable?
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