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buying OEM parts online...

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Ok, I searched through the archives and found someone saying that germanautoparts.com is a good place to buy from. Check this out:
Caliper, front. Does not include carrier. Left side. New original equipment. $77.00
Caliper, front. Does not include carrier. Right side. New original equipment. $69.00
Why does one side cost more than the other?? Also, they advertise that they sell discount OEM parts, so am I going to get the same exact Girling caliper that came with my GLI?
Anyone wanna take a stab? Also, any other recommendations on where to buy my OEM calipers? I usually like to support local businesses, but i'm broke.
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Re: buying OEM parts online... (GetOuttaMyWay)

moving to G/J II
Re: buying OEM parts online... (16v)

couldn't tell u why they are charging more per side. yes, u are likely getting the same ones that came on your car. girling made many of hte calipers on these cars, vw used them, same with lots and lots and lots of other stuff on the car.
Re: buying OEM parts online... (GetOuttaMyWay)

Who knows why for sure that they're charging different amounts for the same cailper just different side
Maybe they're just DA's!
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Re: buying OEM parts online... (PimpStylin')

Hardly dumbasses

Sure, Dave might not like cats (Ass
), but he does know VW parts, as does Mark.
I've done lots of business with Adirondack, and I can tell you they are probably different because they got the Rights $8 cheaper, and you're paying $8 less. I mean, I don't know this is why, but my point is that they are honest. I've never had any troubles with them at all.
Another good place to check would be Potterman, I've heard them referred to as the Adirondack of the west coast.
Anyway, I really like them because they put up with my requests for german made parts...usually, that is what they keep in stock, but ocassionally, they'll not have something in german, and I can ask them to get it for me, and usually, they can. When they can't Potterman can most of the time. The caliper you get should be a Girling, but if some GLIs came with Lucas or something, you might get one of those.
I'd call and ask, and tell them if you'd prefer a Girling, or if it is even a concern.
Nah, I don't work for them or anything, I just get really good service from them

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Re: buying OEM parts online... (Broke)

im gonna just get a plug in here for adrondiack i ordered some stuff from them a while ago, and the guy who took my order (cant remember his name) was great, if my car was running im sure i would be ordering more stuff from them.
Re: buying OEM parts online... (Broke)

thanks for all the info guys.
What about thepartsbin.com ? they offer free ground shipping. Any opinnions or experiences with them?
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