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Buzzing 2.0 problem :(

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Okay, I had this buzzing that I thought came from my charger... So i took every mod off my car and it is now bone stock.
I still have this metallic buzz that seems to resonate at about 2300-2900 rpm, and today it started buzzing around 4000 rpm...
at any other rpm it seems smooth enough. it does this in neutral and with clutch in, under accel, decel, and neutral.... I have checked the usual suspects like the heat shileds. it isn't a heat sheild.
I have heard of people having uneven wear on their main engine bearings or rod bearings that caused similar problems on earlier 2.0's, but these seem rare.
Does anyone have any ideas on what I can check next? I have an appointment with the dealership on wed. but after an initial look they were just as stumped as i was.
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Re: Buzzing 2.0 problem :( (queue)

It sound to me like a heat shield or maybe your muffler is going bad. I know you said you checked but I had a broken weld on the downpipe heat shield causing a terrible buzzing noise. Now I have buzzing coming from my muffler around 3000-3500 rpm. That's ok though because it gave me a good excuse to tell the wife I needed anew TT cat back exhaust. It worked to it should be here this week.
Re: Buzzing 2.0 problem :( (Jryerson)

I had the same "tinny" noise which turned out to be the heat sheild on the exhaust manifold. I just took off the nut and put a big a$$ washer on there to hold it (until it rusts off again).
I also have this weird "knocking" (not tinny) noise from the engine bay after about 2200RPM. I can't tell if it goes away as my exhaust drowns it out at higher RPMs. I though that it was rod bearings and changed them to find the noise still there. So I am convinced that it is either the wrist pins or some part of the exhaust rubbing/rattling

A friend of mine has the same noise but much quieter. Let me know if you figure anything out.
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Re: Buzzing 2.0 problem :( (queue)

I also had a vibration/rattle due to my exhaust rubbing on my rear axle. On fixing that last night I find this morning that the engine bay noise I had has almost gone away. Maybe it is one of the heat sheilds after all or at least some part of the exhaust system. I have no clue anymore but I am sort of ruling out the wrist pins now.
Re: Buzzing 2.0 problem :( (bajan01)

Thanks man, I will be checking this stuff this week... I will try the exhaust stuff first...much easier than dropping the pistons
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Re: Buzzing 2.0 problem :( (queue)

its definitaly the heat sheld
when i got my cat-back put on i just hade them cut it off
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Re: Buzzing 2.0 problem :( (neal359)

may I ask, which heat shield?
the cat's shield? if you had it cut off I am guessing it is not the one that bolts to the head.
Re: Buzzing 2.0 problem :( (queue)

HA! I found the problem.
That heat shiled above the cat that the 02 sensor harness hooks to was causing the rattle! POS
I reached in there from above tonight and checked it again, and realized that it wasn't attached on the passenger side, so I bent the flimsy metal with my hand, took it for a drive, and it was 10 times better... tonight i will just rip the f--ker out.
thanks for the help

Im gonna have a lot of
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Re: Buzzing 2.0 problem :( (queue)

i have that same problem, i dont think its the cat shield (for me) I am pretty sure it's the shield around the exhaust manifold....maybe near the downpipe....has anyone removed it? or fixed it in another manner....if so, could i get some instructions on an easy way to get at it???
Re: Buzzing 2.0 problem :( (98vwgti)

Well I ripped that cat heat shield off tonight.... it solved half the problem.. there is still a rattle, but that rattle was causing the cat shield to vibrate even more... so half noise gone

When i had it up on jack sands i hit the exhaust pipe near the cat with my fist to try and get something to rattle.
I think it is rattling against that U hanger that is between the resonator and muffler. I will check that tomorrow.
quote:[HR][/HR]i have that same problem, i dont think its the cat shield (for me) I am pretty sure it's the shield around the exhaust manifold....maybe near the downpipe....has anyone removed it? or fixed it in another manner....if so, could i get some instructions on an easy way to get at it???
Are you talking about the aluminum shield that is bolted to the head? only way I found to get to that is to remove the upper intake manif. that is a good place to start. my was loose before

I think my car is rattling apart

Rattles are a VW's best friend
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Re: Buzzing 2.0 problem :( (queue)

Okay. I have REMOVED 4 heat shields: downpipe (bolts to PS rack), cat, one next to cat, one next to that.
The only remaining heat shield is the one above the muffler, which is solid, and the 'warm air collector' that bolts to the head.
I have NO idea what the hell is going on! It still buzzes, rattles. grrr.
Anyone with any other ideas?
How do you know if your water pump, or PS pump or AC compressor are going to die? could one of these cause a racket?
Re: Buzzing 2.0 problem :( (queue)

On my 95 @.0 I had a rattle from the shield over the top of the manifold. Took it off was cracked in 6 places. Chucked it. The shield surrounding the downpipe rattling where is is crimped together tight before the downpipe joins the cat. U shape exhaust clamp 2.25 took care of that. And pebbles in the shield covering the cat. Had no shop air so had to remove it to shake it out. Try a wad of masking tape on a chop stick or something flexable to poke around in there. Good luck.
Re: Buzzing 2.0 problem :( (H Golf Sport)

Here is the problem now... it is definately not a heat shield

After removing everything
I have gotten it to the point where it makes only the lightest buzz at about 3500 to 3800..
I can tell that this sets up some kind of resonance with other things... like the SC...
But now I can't figure out what causes it... I have an automotive stethescope (spelled right?) that I am trying to hunt down the f-cker with.
I am pretty sure that it is a bearing somewhere... not sure. I checked motor mounts, but they seem solid,
I think maybee it is the alternator or something else on that accessory belt.
Can anyone tell me what the alt. sounds like (or PS pump, or AC comp.) when it is going to fail?
The stealership told me: "You have to return the car to OEM before we can do anything for you." They really don't like any mods. They really don't like me
probably because I am fighting them for a windshield crack (a stess crack) to be covered under warranty.
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