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buzzing under steering column?

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sometimes there's a buzzing noise directly under the steering wheel when I'm driving, not a vibration. Are the relays down there for lights or something - sometimes it acts up in sync with the blinkers. Weird. Any thoughts?
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Re: buzzing under steering column? (googlymoogly)

Re: buzzing under steering column? (googlymoogly)

I used to get that noise from my 1995 Passat, but not with my 1997 GTi. I asked my mechanic about the buzzing noise (mine buzzed somehwat randomly), and he said it had to do with the power steering motor just wearing down. Just a normal wear and tear thing that comes with owning an older car. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't get it checked out of course, since I don't know much, but maybe it can put your mind at ease.
As for it happening when you turn, it seems like VW electrical wiring is just pretty shoddy. I hear my turns signals clicking on my stereo speakers almost all the time, and my sensor lights are pretty jacked, and my car's a '97. Go figure.
Good luck,
Re: buzzing under steering column? (iamdoingthat)

I sometimes get a light clicking from the steering column during turning, both light and hard cornering. It almost sounds like something in the column is popping across something else, but i can't see anything that could be doing that. Anyone?
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