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By Request: W8 6 speed driving impressions...

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I was asked through a p/m to post my driving impressions. Well,after 2 months and 3,000 miles all I can say is: I have no regrets. It's fast,smooth and I don't see myself coming & going. It feels much more solid than my 01 GLX,much more as one piece. The AWD makes for a smoother ride even with the 1" drop and makes handling much more predictable. Since swapping the springs and tires I haven't even been able to get the ESP light to flash. The exhaust note seems to have gotten a little deeper with the miles and sounds down-right sexy winding out 3rd gear. The GLX felt a little lighter in the turns but I find that I'm ultimately doing the same speeds or even higher with better control. I've gotten thumbs up and waves from numerous other VW drivers (like the old days) and recently from a young kid in a Kia Sephia and last night from a guy on a Ninja - we were messing around a bit on the highway (no traffic). He came up on my right and gave me a thumbs up and shook his hand like "hot stuff". Came up on me at the red light on the off ramp and said "I just wanted to say that car is sweet and I don't even drive a VW." The shifter is better than the GLX but I do miss the folding rear seats. Hopefully I'll enjoy this car for years to come....
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Re: By Request: W8 6 speed driving impressions... (VWGUY4EVER)

Thanks for the write up.
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