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C/E Light with the code: Idle Adaptation at Limit, running Piper 264 Cam & Garret V11 Chip

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I'm trying to get rid of my C/E Light. I am running a Piper 264 Cam and a Garret Ver. 11 Chip on my 1998 GTI VR6. I am getting the Idle Adaptation at Limit code. My check engine light is on most of the time but occasionally resets itself.
I read the following posts on this topic:
which recommended cleaning the throttle body.
I took my car to an independent VW mechanic and he checked the throttle body. He said it was clean and that the throttle plate was not "cruded up".
What do you guys recommend?
Can I replace the Garrent ver. 11 chip with the stock chip to see if that clears up the C/E light problem. Can I run the Piper 264 Cam with the stock chip instead? are there any implications when doing this?
Currently, I'm getting pretty poor gas mileage. If I put the stock chip back in, will I see any significant improvements in gas mileage?
Thanks for the help.
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Is the Garret chip the "Camshaft" chip? Garret makes a chip for cams that raises the idle a bit, this might help you out. Does the car idle well?
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