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C-ya 2.0's...

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Hey guys,
Just wanted to let you know.. I have defected from the 2.slow crowd and movin on up to VR-club.
I was once a 1.8... no go...
Graduated to a 2.slow...
Blew the fuq out of the tranny...
Now VR6 in your fanny!
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Re: C-ya 2.0's... (Grumpy-Smurf)

Hey guys,
I have to apologize.. but I am a little excited. I just got back from my first rip in my VR6.
But really.. the 2.0 was awesome until the tranny blew on me. I had lots of fun guys, and thanks for all the many advice!
PS. I may still have my multi-fogger direct port nitrous system with ported manifold for sale.
Stay tuned!
Miss you all...
Grumpy has been VR'ed
Re: C-ya 2.0's... (Grumpy-Smurf)

how much you want for the setup?
Re: C-ya 2.0's... (Grumpy-Smurf)

It has the same window regulators.
Another one of mine went out today (the 4th reg).
Re: C-ya 2.0's... (Vickers)

I paid 3 bills CAN forit.. and then ported out the upper and lowe rintake manifold.
Give me a price.
Re: C-ya 2.0's... (Grumpy-Smurf)

Also Interested e-mail me
[email protected]
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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