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I have leftover parts from an RS6. All parts are off the car and
ready to go. I’m now working by myself so everything has been
going out with 72 hours more or less. Feel free to make offers on
certain things. Other parts set at rock bottom already. I’m also now
accepting PayPal again. If you don’t like what you receive I’ll do
returns no questions asked.

Location is Pompano Beach, Florida, 33069 for anyone who wants
to stop by.

List of parts:

1. Doors with no blades—$350 shipped per door
or $1,000 shipped for all 4.

2. Trunk lid with spoiler & badges—$500 shipped

3. Fenders—$600 shipped for the pair
$300 shipped per fender

4. Rs6 aluminum window trim—$500 + shipping

5. Rs6 rear diff—$300 + shipping

6. Solar sunroof—$200 + shipping

7. Rs6 space saver spare tire—$200 + shipping
$550 shipped for one on eBay.

8. Rs6 rear brakes—$500 shipped/$350 just calipers
Calipers, pads, rotors, dust shields, hoses, & hardware.

9. Intercoolers—$400 + shipping

10. Spindles—$250 shipped per pair

11. Subframes—$200 + shipping per subframe

12. Carbon fiber engine covers—$500 shipped

13. Grey alcantara upper interior swap—$750 shipped
with rear electronic sunshade & door cards
with sunshades. All in decent shape.
Will include: headliner, pillars, grab handles,
dome lights, rear deck with sunshade, seat
belts, rear door cards with sunshades, rear
speaker covers, etc.

14. RS6 steering rack-$350 shipped
Low mileage/ shortest C5 ratio rack

15. Core support with fans—$350 shipped via greyhound only
two cracks at the bottom of the support.. In great shape otherwise.
Won’t see or notice and has no bearing on installation.

16. Wiper arms-$75 shipped

17. Rear axles—$160 shipped

18. DRC struts & pumps 55k—$500 shipped

19. Crash bars—$100 + shipping

20. Bumper shocks—$125 shipped

21. Rear fender liner—$100 + shipping

22. Control arm set—$100 + shipping

23. Power steering reservoir—$65 shipped

24. Windshield reservoir—$60 + shipping

25. RS6 master cylinder—$116 shipped

26. Power steering cooler—$50 + shipping

27. Auxiliary radiators—$50 + shipping

28. Strut bar & brackets-$125 shipped

29. RS6 aluminum hood—$200 + shipping

30. Raintray—$100 + shipping

31. Coolant reservoir & hoses—$50 + shipping

32. Vacuum pump—$125 shipped

33. Other various engine bay bits
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