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Cabrio Cd-charger HELP NEEDED

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Cabrio Cd-charger HELP NEEDED
I need a picture of the a cd-charger installed in the truck of the cabrio.
I have a cd charger I am installing and need to know how it is mounted in the car.
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Re: Cabrio Cd-charger HELP NEEDED (hyejack)

I'd guess drill holes and screw it down. otherwise follow the instructions if it came with any
Re: Cabrio Cd-charger HELP NEEDED (28)

Thanks for the info BUT
I know how to wire it...
I just need to see how they mounted the charger Left side or right side?? with a metal bracket or with a strap?
If you have a cabrio with a stock changer you will understand!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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