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cabriolet bumber question.

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Well, i have an 88 cabby and one day my rear bumber(clipper kit) fell off and it was total(hit by a mac truck). My question is do you think it would look good with a euro bumber on the back and keep the rest of the clipper kit? because it is hard to find just a rear bumber.
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Re: cabriolet bumber question. (vwcabby)

I dont think it would look good http://****************.com/smile/emthdown.gif
If you can't find a clipper rear bumper, sell the rest of your clipper kit and buy a set of euro bumpers. You will even pocket some money on the deal.
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Re: cabriolet bumber question. (vwcabby)

NGP sells just the bumpers from a clipper kit... you can probably buy the bumper set and sell the front to someone who's had the same problem... or maybe just hang onto the front since there's a chance it might fall off if the back one did too... the set can be yours for 250.00
"Clipper Bumpers from Clipper Kit"
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