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Caddy Cap F/S

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I have 2 caps and one has to go, anyone looking for one for their truck? Both are white and fiberglass. One is a high type and the other is a flush to the roof type. Take which ever one you prefer. I will have pics taken this weekend so get in touch if interested before hand, because I will be listing them on ebay on Monday.
I'm in central Pennsylvania. I would have to say I can't ship these so you will have to pick it up or meet me half way if within a reasonable distance.
I'm looking for $100 or the best offer.
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Re: Caddy Cap F/S (Big CADDY)

if someone wants mine they can have it.. but they must come get it...

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Re: Caddy Cap F/S (Herbert_J)

Too bad my caddy isn't even close to being driveable or I'd definately take one off your hands. Maybe my friend will let me borrow his truck.
Also gonna wait for eBay and try to get a deal since I'm fairly broke now that I have the caddy project, assuming they are still available by then.

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