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CAI..Does it make a difference...which one?

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I have a 02, I am going to chip it soon, but looking for a couple things to get some more power easily now. I have a K& N installed...I have been hearing alot about CAI's is there any ones which are easy to install and would give a power increase?
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Re: CAI..Does it make a difference...which one? (evanb)

I think the EVOMS CAI made a huge difference on my car. its stock other than the intake and i lost the 2nd gear turbo lag after i installed it, i dont care about the dynos, i jus kno that the car pulls harder when driving and the throttle response is jus better
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Re: CAI..Does it make a difference...which one? (GoGTIGo)

well there's 2 CAI's on the market, AEM and EVOMS.... so the question is which ones better? I would bet there's probably very little messurable difference between them.
Re: CAI..Does it make a difference...which one? (Henry)

Is this something that is easy to install or do I have to go somehwhere to get it installed? Where can I buy one?
Re: CAI..Does it make a difference...which one? (Henry)

yea i'd have to agree with henry, both are good intakes, jus gotta decide on which one, i personally went with the evoms bcuz of the group buy. both have very good performance, i think there's a BMC also

the install is not that bad, it takes time and patience. about an hour of your time if u have the proper tools, it can take even longer...depends on how mehcanically inclinded you are.

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