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Hi all
I've talked to a number of local Calgary businesses and a few of them are willing to offer a good discount if I can arrange a good sized group of interested people. I have a mk 4 golf and a remote starter is
450-500 Canadian installed because of 5 speed and alarm and immobilizer unless i get a group buy going.

I haven decided which company is best yet . I will approach them again once i have a number of people and find the best deal.
It doesnt matter what kind of car you have mk1,2,3,4......passats....chevy whatever. You will get a discount off what it would normally cost you.
Prices are much less for older or auto tranny cars.
Installation will be included or if you prefer to do it yourself, you can just get a deal on the parts.
If you live in or near calgary, and are interested, please EMAIL me to respond.
[email protected]

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