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California Pacific/ J- Bugs and TMI have horrible customer service...

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California Pacific/ J- Bugs and TMI have horrible customer service! I recieved a product and it did not fit properly- contact them and am given the run around, after countless phone calls I am told to call the manufacturer- TMI. After leaving a bunch of messages and more countless calls I finally talk to one of them and again get the run around from TMI!
Long story short I end up doing three times as much work to make the product fit- not as good as it should of though.
I will never do business with them again. http://****************.com/smile/emthdown.gif
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Re: California Pacific/ J- Bugs and TMI have horrible customer service... (Bobcdn)

Bought a Hartz Stayfast canvas convertible top for a 91 Cabriolet. The Cab was a low milage mint example.
They charged my Visa and then took almost a full month before they sent it.
I have installed over 15 tops om Cabriolets, so I am really good at it. I have used other brands in the past but found that the TMI tops fit the best- that was until this one.
I installed just the outer shell over the existing factory insulation kit. The insulation was in very good condition- way better than some I had done in the past. The difference with this one was that it was very loose both from front to back as well as side to side.
Most of the tops I did in the past using the TMI top were so tight that I could barley get them to latch. this one shut without even having to push down on the top.
When I contacted Cal pacific/ Jbugs they told me to call their installer, after about 5 calls I talked to him and he ended up saying that it must be the top.
So I called Cal pacific back and they said to call the manufacturer- TMI.
After calling and leaving many messages over a period of 2 weeks I finally got to talk to someone. After going through all the same questions and answer that I had gone through with both Cal pacific/ Jbugs and their installer I was told to send him some pictures. I sent the pictures that day.
After 2-3 weeks of more calls and messages I was told that it was because I had not use a new insulation kit. I told him how many tops I had installed previously without using a new isulation kit and not had any problems. The only option they gave me was to remove the top send it to them and they would messure it to see if it was within tolerances and then either send it back or send a new top. Problem was that this was customers only car and he couldn't be without it.
But with no other options I went ahead and installed the new insulation kit. The top was marginally tighter. It still had wrinkles because it was too big side to side, it was puckered at the bottom where the plastic hinge covers go, I had to pull so much into the rear window opening that the rear seams that run the the corners of the car are not even close to being straight and in the end the customer was so fed up that he said enough is enough and that he just wanted his car back.
Enough info?
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