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Calipers... what to do to keep em fresh

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In the coming weeks I will be redoing my brakes.
SS lines
EBC pads and some good fluid.
I have everything rip roarin to go and I relized that I am neglecting my rears. I think I'm gunna go get some new ebrake cables. What else should I be doin back there. I hear about rear calipers seizing all the time. What exactly goes? When I have them off what else should I do besides changing the seals and boots?
Also attaching these SS lines. should I tread them in dry? Wrap them with a lil teflon tape?
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Re: Calipers... what to do to keep em fresh (Dieder)

It's the lever on the back of the caliper that often seizes, make sure it moves freely and returns all the way to the stop pin.
Thread the pipes in dry.
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